Friday, October 29, 2010

automated replies

Sometimes I find it hard and sometimes time consuming to compose an email: it has to say Hi and then at least a one line as introduction and then the real message, and then a signature. Should I write my job title above my name or they'd think I am too formal? Should I say Respectfully yours or just Cheers?

The format is something that emails sent by a software do not have to conform to. In the end who would think badly about some bytes that are not polite enough?! Instead the recipient will be quite accommodating with the message and more than this, grateful that someone took the time to code and set up a program that actually does notify people about things happening.

This is what I speculated on. After getting an invitation to a one-hour event that SDL Language Weaver is organizing in Cluj, this is what I wrote as a response to their confirmation request:
This is an automated confirmation email that I intend to participate at the event SDL Language Weaver is holding on Nov the 4th at City Plaza.

Funny enough, I've just received a Thank you message from their HR manager. There was no mention of my name there, so she must have sent an automated reply.