Wednesday, January 29, 2014

get some drawing lessons

It was not my intention at all, but I somehow "stole" the best idea of the morning meeting today. To my defense, it was only the order of the speakers that determined that the good idea was first to be uttered by another participant.

QA practices around automated tests had to be changed, so we had to convince the QA manager.

At one moment, THE IDEA was uttered. By someone else from my team. The idea that would start to change the game. Beautifully decorated with solid arguments. Verbal arguments. Things became uncertain, the manager started frowning. So we threw in more words. He needed to think, he would come back to us.

Then I did the drawing.

The drawing that we looked at during the rest of the meeting. That we pointed at when bringing in more and more arguments. That made it my idea:

In the software world, the question is simple: can you or can you not draw?