Thursday, July 4, 2013


These two guys definitely think that marketing should be in the toolbox of every developer.

So you follow the above links recursively until you know everything about the two and marketing in general, evaluate how credible the two are, and then start to think if what they say makes sense.

And it does seem to make sense: market yourself, market your stuff! And then you think: Hold you horses, I work in this cube of this big corporation, there are others in other roles that will do the marketing, I can just code.

It happens that recently in one All-hands we've had, I've heard one of our PMs say something along these lines: We need to sell our new features to the Sales guys first, and then they can sell them further. And some time before this, I had heard our Director saying something along these other lines: We need to sell our product better to the Software org, so that it will count in the next product stack.

It all adds up, don't you think? But will a time come when you'll have to sell your stuff to the product director? Or to your manager?

... I don't think so, you're just a poor soul in a cubicle, right?!