Wednesday, May 15, 2013

let go (II)

To the one thinking about a software architect career, the bad news is that the LET GO advice applies to you as well! The good news is that it does not apply as drastically as for managers, so you might get your share of coding.

But what are the shares that you're "winning"? Creating a vision of the product, technical communication with the stakeholders, sharing the project risks with the project manager (agilists do not have a project manager role in their team and they are perfectly fine with that, no extra comments allowed :/).

I heard this guy saying yesterday that one characteristic you should look for in your next architect is that of being able and willing to step back. He was referring probably to stepping back in order to get the big picture. One other thing that he said was that he had seen cases when the software architecture was not properly looked after because the architect was too busy writing code and/or keeping up with new technologies.

This is what I'm saying! We should look for people who are also able and willing to let go!