Tuesday, February 12, 2013

let go

I can't help but giving out pieces of advice, probably a reminiscence from the times when I used to perform as a manager - yeah, I know what you think, hell of a coach, just an old fashion know-it-all manager. (Phew ... it's just struck me this bug of mine is what drove me to subconsciously start this blog!)

Anyway, today's advice goes to former software developers who embraced a management career and can't help but performing half of their time (they wish) as a developer and the other quarter (25% of time is wasted) as a manager.

LET GO! Just be a manager, your team needs you to take care of them, this is your most important task now! Why let go? Cause you can't afford it: besides the limitations that nature put on your intelligence, you are even more limiting yourself by focusing in two different directions.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

easy svn merges?!?

Here is what you need to do to merge the changes from your long-living personal branch into trunk:

1. Back merge from trunk to your branch working copy
>>svn merge <svn_root_url>/trunk/<component>

2. Commit the branch working copy
>>svn commit -m "backmerge from trunk"

3. Reintegrate merge from branch to trunk working copy
>>svn merge --reintegrate <svn_root_url>/branches/<branch_name>/<component_name>

4. Commit the trunk working copy
>>svn commit -m "<meaningful message> ... <codereview url> ..."

5. Record-only merge to your branch so that you can continue using it
>>svn merge -c<revision_number_from_step_4> --record-only <svn_root_url>/trunk/<component_name>

6. Commit the merge from trunk
>>svn commit -m "record-only <rev_number> from trunk"