Thursday, March 31, 2016

the tools that saved the OS ... [2]

Fresh from MS Build conference, the Ubuntu on Windows project is along the lines of this older post of mine.

After this project goes live, it will be interesting to watch if the usage of Cygwin in Windows 10 will be lower than that in Windows 7.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

the bold and the bullshit

The high demand for software professionals transformed them into these picky creatures that indulge with free lunches, fusball tables, designer office spaces, paid membership at the gym, sponsored medical care, company matched volunteering programs, and massages at the office.

Hiring software professionals has become the HR's nightmare. Annual reviews don't scare anyone, as a low performance review can be followed up with a new job in another company that is craving to grow past the 500 figure to appear on the radar of Western companies looking for outsourcing partners ... hugh, that was quite a long sentence.

This is the perfect context for being bold. It is not about saving the long-haired blond Princess from the jaws of the hungry Lion, nor the Kid who is drowning in the muddy waters of Amazon. These deeds had been done by other heroes.

I am talking this bold:
  - adopt a no bullshit policy
  - give honest feedback
  - contribute to discussions, even if you start with "I think ..."
  - have the courage to say "I don't know shit about this"
  - have the courage to say "This meeting is a waste of my time"
  - keep your desk messy ... actually I see a lot of these heroes

We are talking opportunity here: act like this while you still can laugh at the prospect of being fired.

And this is all for your own good. Philosophy says that sincerity boosts happiness, and science that happiness fuels success. (Warning: some say that success is the inverse of happiness, so you be the judge; but if you go for happiness first, it might redefine success.)

Oh oh, let me not get all too involved in this philosophy - science - beliefs ... philosophy, and step back a little ... you are an engineer right? so Success must be what you are looking for ... gotcha ya you little un-bold prick!