Monday, February 17, 2014

the tools that saved the OS ...

... with no decent console.

... until some Windows lover coded Total Commander and another Windows lover coded Cygwin (although I have my doubts about the real object of love for the latter). Navigate folders easily in TC, script your day out in a *nix shell.

Here is a very simple and updated (older tricks here) guide of how-to open Cygwin in Total Commander's current directory (tested for TC 8.01 x64 and Cygwin 2.819 x64):

1. create a start menu command in TC and use the original invocation line the Cygwin installer uses:

2. add this to your ~/.bash_profile
cd "$OLDPWD"
Then you'll be able to use this power key (Alt + s + c, notice the &c in the menu title) to open Cygwin in your current folder.